SVG Map Level 0.1 dev directory

Last update: 2.5.2018

Level0.* Series is partial polyfil of the functionalities intended to mapping for SVG2.

This Level(0.1) is implemented Static Vector Elements (Path etc.) but limited stylings and structures.

for more detail : see wiki

Programmed by Satoru Takagi and license is GPL Ver3

In this implementation, pure SVG documents are used as data delivered on the Web. However, this implementation performs drawing of SVG using canvas api similar to canvg. Because the current SVG specifications for web browsers has serious performance issues on zooming and panning at the case of rendering of large-sized SVG data. Zooming and panning is indispensable functions for web mapping. So, this demonstration handles map data of very large-sized (100GB class) by tiling and level of details controlling.

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